Erasmus Incoming Students. Academic Year 20-21

How to Apply

Erasmus students who want to study next year at the University of Zaragoza must be previously selected by their universities. These nominations must be communicated to the contact people and addresses set by the different Centres (Faculties, Schools or Colleges) of the University of Zaragoza

Deadline for nomination:

-17th June, 2020 for 1st semester or full academic year 2020-2021
-16th November, 2020 for 2nd semester 2020-2021

Only applications sent by students previously nominated by their universities will be admitted.

Students nominated by their university will receive an email from their Centre at the University of Zaragoza containing the instructions they have to follow. You can start the procedure only if you have received such an email.

On-line application procedure:

1) Registration

The first step is to register in order to obtain your user name and your password. Once you have that, please come back to this page and continue with step nr. 2

2) Filling in your application form

-PERSONAL DETAILS: The personal details you have filled in your registration form will be shown here. Please fill in the empty fields and correct any possible mistakes.
-INFORMATION ON THE EXCHANGE: in the field called "FACULTY / SCHOOL" please, select the Centre you have received in the email.

Deadline for application:

  • 2nd March to 3th July, 2020: for 1st semester or full academic year 2020-21
  • 2nd September to 30th November, 2020: for 2nd semester 2020-2021

Application Form Academic Year 2020-2021


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